Derby Icons Promotion

Derby LLC is now owned by Jack Fistler Jr who also owns USA Demolition Derby. In 2018 Tory Schutte decided to retire completely to travel the nation and abroad. Jack stepped up to take charge of the most respected titles in our sport. Thanks to all the past owners/Icons for your efforts.

Derby Icons started as Tory and Brenda Schutte, Dave Gard and Scott Gropp STD Promotions in the beginning. Neither of us really wanted to become promoters but a series of events forced us into this role in 2008. P and P promotions had promoted the largest demolition derbies in the nation. Charlie Perrine was an Icon of the sport as well, he built Metal Mayhem to what it is today. The event had grown to more than just a big money derby, it was and is the Super Bowl, Daytona 500 and Woodstock all rolled into one for the demolition derby world. Fans and drivers from all over the USA gather to watch the event, see old friends, swap parts/stories, buy the latest parts from vendors and tip a few beverages together. Unfortunely Charlie could no longer promote the show and backed out of the event. Alot of drivers already had vehicles ready and many family vactions were planned around this event. We felt we needed to do anything we could to not only save Metal Mayhem but in some ways our sport, with rising gas and scrap prices, we didn't want this to be the final blow. We held the event and it was a huge success, we had fun and will continue to promote to provide the best possible service to the Icons of the sport.

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Tory Schutte of Schutte Racing Team and Founder of the DDDA Tory has competed across the nation and has been a huge advocate for the drivers. He is a retired Navy Senior Chief and is enjoying his retirement with wife Brenda Schutte in their RV.

Dave Gard of Gard's Speed Shop, Dave and his sons have been inspecting and officiating demolition derbies for over 15 years. David has been involved in demolition derbies for 40 years and in 2013 choose to retire and enjoy his golden years with his wife. Derby Icons thanks Dave for all his dedication and hard work, he has definitely impacted the sport we all love. We will miss you!

Scott Gropp of G.A.S. is no longer part of Derby Icons, he has left to better service his customers and continue his research on engines. We thank him for his friendship and support and wish him well in the future. He will still be a vendor and sponsor at our events but please do not call him with Derby Icon questions.