Chester Rotroff

Chester Rotroff, Born in Aledo, Ill., he was the son of the late Park and Mattie Rotroff. Chester began his theatrical career in Georgetown, Ohio, selling candy in a movie theater. As a teenager, he installed sound equipment for several county fairs. After graduating from high school, his sound equipment business flourished. The sound business opened another career door of booking stage shows for the county fairs. This was interrupted by World War II, when Chester joined the Air Force. He served with the War Department Intelligence in Rochester, N.Y., after which he continued the sound and booking acts business. What he considered his greatest achievement was his production of the “All Girl Auto Thrill Show.” The show was sponsored by the Ford Motor Company and was presented at the county and state fairs throughout the midwest and was featured on all three major TV networks. Another major sponsor was the Uniroyal Tire Company, making national television commercials featuring the acts and stunts of the show. At the onset of the demolition derbies, Chester was persuaded by the fair boards to become involved. Putting the thrill show aside, he began the very popular and most successful “Cavalcade of Thrills Demolition Derby.” Chester continued to promote Demolition Derby through the 60's and still attended them until he passed away May 2nd 2008.

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