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My signature below confirms that I have read all rules and regulations & agree to abide by such. I understand that by participating in this event that I also agree to comply with the requirements set forth for this show. In addition, I agree to exercising good sportsmanship at all times during the event. I fully understand that if I am unable to participate for any reason that my entry fee is forfeited. I understand there are no refunds. I understand I am not able to sell or give away my entry, or otherwise make driver changes without first contacting this promoter.  I understand if I am disqualified for any reason, I will not receive any refunds (including pit passes). This includes not passing inspections, if I am unwilling or unable to make the required changes .I understand that if I place and receive prize money that my social security number will be requested and I agree to provide given the circumstances. My signature below confirms that I understand and agree to these terms set forth.


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